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Nicole Royse is a gallery owner, an arts consultant, and agent who assists patrons and artists with exhibitions, pr, social media, sales and more. She aids buyers with selecting the right artist and art for their collections. She assists galleries with pr, social media, special events and guest curation.

Royse is a freelance writer covering the arts across the valley for several local publications including: AZFoothills Magazine, North Valley Magazine, and She is also the Visual Arts Editor for YabYum Music & Arts.

Royse is the owner and curator of Royse Contemporary located in the renown Scottsdale Arts District hosting monthly exhibitions showcasing a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography and installation by both mid-career and emerging artists. She also represents a small roster of artists.

Royse is the former Curator of Shade Projects at the monOrchid, where she worked with over 200 artists curating over 80 exhibitions in a 4-year period (2012-2016) within their three spaces. The spaces included Shade Gallery, Bokeh Gallery, and Shade West Gallery.

Previously she curated Willo North Gallery located in Uptown Phoenix in the Willo District. She curated 12 exhibitions and hosted numerous special events from 2014-2015.

Royse is also an artist who has had the opportunity to exhibit her artwork at a variety of venues throughout Arizona and California, accumulating over 70 exhibitions over the last ten years.

She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Art History from Arizona State University. She has extensive experience and a diverse background in business, marketing, public relations and social media.


2016 Readers Choice Best Art Gallery- Phoenix New Times

2016 Art Scene Queen- YabYum Music & Arts

2016 Mover & Shaker- Phx Magazine

2014 Best Stop on Art Detour: Apache X- Phx New Times

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