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Shade Gallery & Bokeh Gallery

The MonOrchid is a co-working space which maintained two galleries, run under Shade Projects, which Royse curated and managed for four years from 2012- 2016. The galleries showcased amazing local and national artists, a variety of events, as well as aiming to educate & engage the community through art! Located in the Roosevelt Row District in the heart of Downtown Phoenix and each month we hosted our opening reception in correlation with the monthly First Friday artwalk seeing upwards to 3,000 visitors throughout the course of the night.

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December 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present a solo exhibition of Marilyn Szabo's Life & Death Portraits, in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid. The exhibition will showcase technically exquisite portraits taken over a 25 year period of various individuals both personally important and of prominent members in the community. The photographs featured include Allen Ginsberg, Mohammed Ali, musician Ray Manzarek, poet Ntozake Shange, sculptor Klaus Ihlenfeld, as well as memoir photographs of Szabo's mother and friends. Her imagery captures her subject’s distinct personalities, as well as their defining characteristics. “Through Szabo's own power and artistry she is able to get her subjects to reveal something of themselves resulting in photographs that are striking and powerful, due to a strong collaboration between the photographer and sitter” states Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse. Szabo has created a distinct style of portraiture that is nothing short of iconic that is showcased in this exhibition.

Szabo received her Bachelors of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in History. Wanting something "less academic" she began taking photography courses. Since then she has exhibited both nationally and internationally, garnering numerous awards and grants. She has received a Phoenix Arts Commission Artist Project Award for portraits of the builders of Terminal Four, Sky Harbor Airport, a Phoenix Art Museum Artist material Grant, and from Phoenix Arts Commission an Artist Project Award for portraits of iconic Chicano artists.

She was awarded in 2010 by Alligator Juniper the National Photography Award. Her work can be found in many public and private collections throughout the United States. Szabo and her artwork have been featured in numerous publications both online and in print including Black and White, Sun Magazine, In/Sights: Self-Portraits by Women, edited by Joyce Tenneson Cohen, Phoenix New Times and Java Magazine. Szabo is a creative force Arizona culture. In 2014, At Work in Arizona: the First 100 Years was published. 168 pages and over 160 images, Szabo was curator and eighty of her photographs including portraits of Arizona personalities are seen.

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November 2016

The MonOrchid and Shade Projects are proud to collaborate with CALACA to present Beyond the Script. The Beyond the Script exhibition was curated by Marco Albarran and this exhibition opportunity was graciously given to us by the MonOrchid and Shade Projects Curatior, Nicole Royse. Sometimes we are bound to strict rules and norms in creating a piece or a series of pieces, and in many times we choose to move away from those expected norms when creating. This exhibition will bring a group of artists that have chosen to get away from the rules and bring unexpected realities, and in-depth strengths for symbolic meanings. With no doubt, the artists represented here, will leave a mark on dimensional thinking. The artists featured in Beyond the Script are Jose Benavides, Ashley Macias, and Marco Albarran.

CALACA promotes mutual cultural experiences that are developed from layers of tradition, history and social norms. Founded in 2003 for the encouragement of community participation in developing art initiatives for preservation and promotion of Latino(a) and Indigenous Cultural Arts. CALACA embraces community involvement, partnerships and collaborations among small and large cultural organizations and institutions. CALACA’s mission is to “Preserve and promote Latino and Indigenous cultural arts with the purpose of promoting the cultural arts through community arts Initiatives.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


December 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present the solo exhibition of Constance McBride with her latest work A Show of Hands in Bokeh Gallery at the monOrchid. Constance McBride creates figures to punctuate the complexity of the human drama. McBride’s clay and mixed-media sculptures examine important subjects including the aging process and its affects on the human body. Her work is inspired by landscape and the natural world, most recently being characterized by her use of dry surface treatments and her sculpting method to create contorted forms rather than images of perfection. McBride has found a true connection with sculpture, celebrating the human body through clay highlighting its imperfections creating work that immediately exudes a feeling of tranquility blended with a sense unsettlement, states Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

The artist skillfully renders the human form in an intriguing variety of work, commenting on the human form and its affects. When asked about her work McBride said, “The effects time has on our bodies and my evolving emotions concerning them are what drive the direction of my work” and gives her the ability to connect with her audience. “Her artwork is a brilliant examination of the human body, the nude form, and aging by highlighting the beauty of our imperfections while reminding us that we are all connected,” Royse states.

McBride was traditionally trained in the arts receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. McBride just concluded her membership with Eye Lounge Artist Collective and Gallery. She has extensively exhibited her artwork across the nation, most recently at the ClayHouston Biennial in TX, The Clay Studio National in PA and in the international exhibition Beyond The Brickyard, at Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts in MT. Her work has also been represented at the Las Cruces Museum of Art and Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art and can be found in private collections around the country.

Her work has been featured in numerous print and online publications, including the international platform Ceramics Now and the publication Paperclay Art and Practice by Rosette Gault. She was recently included in the 2014 edition of Phoenix New Times 100 Creatives. Phoenix New Times named her solo exhibition “Place out of Time” one of the 10 best art shows in Phoenix in 2015. Most notably, in 2016, she received an Emerging Artist Grant from Contemporary Forum, a support organization for the Phoenix Art Museum.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


October 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present the Photographic Survey of the Wild Edible Botanicals of Arizona, the solo exhibition of J.W. Fike in Bokeh Gallery at the monOrchid. This exhibition showcases striking photography of various local botanicals that gracefully float in a black expanse that reference traditional photograms and contact prints, as well as what he calls visions from the collective unconscious. When asked about his work Fike said, “I strive to create images that function as conduits in a uniquely charged space connecting art, science and spirituality.” The artist takes a place-based approach to his photography examining his medium in relation to subject, audience and site. “The artist effortlessly blends art and science resulting in an engaging and truly beautiful collection of work while presenting everyday local botanicals in a new and refreshing new light”, states Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

“My work actively engages the community by utilizing relevant contextual information, interdisciplinary research, and an elegant if slightly spellbinding aesthetic”, states Fike. His images are carefully created by excavating the plant, arranging and photographing it in the studio, then digitally rendering the edible parts in color while the remaining can be read as contact prints. He has photographed over one hundred plants in seven different states with plans to survey the entire continental United State. Fike goes on to say, “I hope the resulting catalogue will serve as an archive for an uncertain ecological future, reliable guide for foraging, and contain meditative symbols in communion with philosophical, spiritual and ecological truths.”

Fike was formally trained receiving his Bachelors of Arts with Concentrations in Drawing and Photography from Auburn University continuing on to earn his Masters of Fine Art in Photography from the Cranbrook Academy of Art under the tutelage of Carl Toth. He has been busy exhibiting his work at galleries around the nation including Founders Hall Gallery at Soka University, Transition Gallery at Idaho State University, just to name a few. Fike’s work is now apart of the permanent collection of the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. His artwork has been featured in numerous publications both online and in print including F-Stop Magazine, the L.A. Times, and the Phoenix New Times. In addition to his art career, Fike is an Art Faculty Member and the Exhibitions Coordinator at Estrella Mountain College.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


October 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present Cact-Us: A Show About Growing Together, the solo exhibition of Jesse Perry in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid. Marking his return and first solo exhibition Perry states, “This is a show about the beauty and humor of living in the Southwest, specifically Phoenix.” He creates captivating work in all mediums with a style all his own, utilizing bold lines, vibrant color palette, and pop infused style with a brand new body of work.

Perry went on to say, “I felt the powerful and persistent image of the cactus would serve as perfect plain of exploration to further convey this concept and represent the people that make up this city, prickly but beautiful.” “His artwork speaks to ideas of unity and community laced with settle messages often saturated with humor and amusing characters of the Southwest that blend his love of the valley, pop culture and his infectious personality”, states Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

Perry was formally trained in the arts receiving Paradise Valley Community College with a degree in Fine Art and Art Marketing. His artwork has been featured in numerous publications both online and in print including Arizona Republic, AZFoothills Magazine, and the Phoenix New Times. He has been busy exhibiting his work at galleries around downtown including Practical Art, FilmBar, Downtown Phoenix Partnership Office, just to name a few. For the last four years he has been busy refining his skills as a fine artist, mural artist, curator continuing to explore the public art world, recently teaming up with several organizations such as the Downtown Phoenix Journal, Artlink and the Mesa Community Art Group.

Cact-Us: A Show About Growing Together will be on display in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid until October 30th, 2016. To view more work from artist, Jesse Perry visit him online at Please visit our website at and direct all exhibition inquiries to Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


February 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present Conjuring the Consecrated, the solo photography exhibition of Cherie Buck-Hutchison in Bokeh Gallery. Conjuring the Consecrated is an exhibition of the artist’s latest work of digitally composited photos manipulated to create meaning relevant to contemporary issues. She is revisiting her personal history “to divine a feminine narrative within patriarchal religious practices while juxtaposing dual imagery with the intent to create a space for female religious leadership where currently there may be none”. Buck-Hutchison composites decades uniting relatives from the 50s, 60s and 70s, creating a magical southwest of the future where women enjoy the same religious privileges and responsibilities as men. Buck-Hutchison goes on to say, “In an era when women’s rights are being promoted on an international level, it is difficult, yet critical to compare the issues of women in extreme situations to those of women enjoying the relative freedom within a democracy”. “Buck-Hutchison’s work is striking and truly recreates a nostalgia of a time past while raising important questions creating a tension within the works”, says Shade Projects Curator Nicole Royse.

Cherie Buck-Hutchison a talented multimedia artist who is creating amazing work, most recently focusing on digitally manipulated photography, ceramics, painting and poetry. Traditionally trained she received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Intermedia from Arizona State University. Currently Buck-Hutchison is a member and co-president of Eye Lounge Artist Collective in Downtown Phoenix. She has exhibited his artwork in both solo and group exhibitions throughout Arizona at various galleries including Eye Lounge, the Frontal Lobe Space and Gallery, Vision Gallery, ASU Night Gallery, ASU Step Gallery, Shade Gallery at the monOrchid, the Shemer Art Center and Museum and the Phoenix Art Museum.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


August 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present Delineation, the solo exhibition of Texas artist, Angel Cabrales. We are thrilled to showcase a large-scale sculptural installation titled Juegos Fronteras, which is a Playground that aims to show the metaphorical restrictions placed upon our future and youth by the placement of borders in an area dependent on the free flow of Cultures. In restricting the flow for safety and security the Playground is rendered useless for those outside and cripples the ability of those inside to truly experience the freedom and joys the grounds encourage. Cabrales said, "This installation was conceptualized by the current issues on immigration in Southwest, as well as the rest of the nation."

Cabrales is a multi-media sculptor who is creating dynamic sculptures and interactive installations that he says, "Is inspired by a great love for science, math and engineering, as well as science fiction and pop culture along with a passion for machinery and gadgets which translates into my work." His artwork utilizes industrial design and commercialism approaching tough topics through a satirical lens, resulting in artwork that blends social and political concerns of today while beginning an important dialogue started with viewers and participants, states Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

Cabrales was traditionally trained and received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Arizona State University and went on to receive his Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of North Texas. Currently he is the Assistant Professor in Sculpture at the University of Texas at El Paso, and he is a part of the Museum and Cultural Affairs Department Board for the City of El Paso.

He has exhibited his artwork extensively in Texas and Arizona, having his work featured in both solo and group exhibitions at renown institutions and galleries. Cabrales has been exhibited at such places as the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, The Latino Cultural Center of Dallas, Brownsville Fine Arts Museum, El Paso Museum of Art, just to name a few. His work has been featured in numerous online and print publications including the El Paso Times, Huffington Post, Phoenix New Times, and Arizona Republic jus to name a few.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


July 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present Cleansing the Soul in India, the solo photography exhibition of Nick Oza in Bokeh Gallery at the monOrchid. Oza marks his debut at the monOrchid with Cleansing the Soul in India, presenting a new body of work “Kumbh Mela” that is sure to mesmerize and delight audiences with his striking images of India, its people and their beautiful traditions. This exhibition showcases the artist’s travels and exploration through India with a behind the scenes look at the wandering monks known Sadhus, as well as Maha Kumbh Mela which is the largest religious gathering in the world in Allahabad India.

“His photography allows his viewers to better understand the people and their culture resulting in powerful yet truly beautiful imagery”, states Shade Projects Curator Nicole Royse. Oza visits his family yearly in India, but this year the timing worked perfectly allowing him to venture to this amazing Hindu festival, as well as connecting with the Sadhus resulting in unique and captivating behind the scenes photographs. This trip and images truly marked a milestone in Oza life that he reaffirmed, “It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life and helped me to understand this culture and religion.”

For over 20 years Oza has traveled the world as a photojournalist, giving him exposure and experience capturing inspiring images from around the globe. A true visual storyteller he is able to translate his passion and focus in covering social issues to his viewers through his photography. “I am driven by curiosity, compassion and a deep desire to tell the stories of the people I document,” said Oza. Through much support and encouragement Oza made his Roosevelt Row debut last August with his much buzzed about exhibition “Border of Dreams” at Treeo Gallery, which highlighted his extensive work along the U.S.-Mexico border and his coverage of immigration and border conditions.

Traditionally trained Oza holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Photography from Columbia College. Since 2006 Oza has been a notable staff photojournalist for the Arizona Republic, where he covers both community and national issues highlighting such topics as immigration, gang violence, mental health, and refugees. Oza has been honored as Arizona Photographer of the Year for the last four years while his multimedia work has been honored with an Emmy Award. His documentary photography has received numerous honors from Pictures of the Year International, NPPA's Best of Photojournalism and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as part of the Biloxi Sun Herald's coverage of Hurricane Katrina. His photography has appeared in such publications as Time magazine, the New York Time's Lens Blog and American Photo, just to name a few.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


March 2016

Shade Projects is proud to present The real Nitty Gritty, a group exhibition in Shade Gallery featuring a dynamic mix of local and national artists including El Mac, Mando Rascon, Pablo Luna, Lalo Cota and Thomas Breeze Marcus, just to name a few. This exhibition originated in Phoenix back in 1997 with Pablo Luna spearheading the show and bringing together a talented and diverse group of graffiti artists that were held throughout the years and we are excited to bring back The real Nitty Gritty.

These are some of the most talented graffiti artists in the nation coming together for this show, which will highlight their diverse styles, artistic revolution and eclectic subject matter representative of each artist. Shade Projects Curator Nicole Royse says, “This group of artists has grown and changed throughout the years since the initial real Nitty Gritty, expanding and growing with their art and this exhibition promises to be a phenomenal exhibition giving visitors an opportunity to enjoy an incredible collection of artwork and so many great artists packed into one exhibition.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


August 2015

Shade Projects is proud to present, Palettes of the World the solo exhibition of artist Jon Wassom in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid. This exhibition showcases the artist’s latest series of breathtaking mixed media paintings that highlight various places around the world, important cultural influences and important figures. The artist skillfully handles his medium blending acrylic and oil paint directly on the canvas, creating incredible texture truly bringing his canvases to life.

Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse goes on to say, Wassom explores a spectra of colors and lines in addition to utilizing abstraction to showcase fascinating subject matter alluding too much more than meets the eye. Wassom is excited about this new series of work saying, "Palettes of the World, explores how we mix, blend and move with each other, as well as our environments”.

Wassom says, “My focus is how each texture, color, and shape connects and dances with one another within the abstractions while the realistic elements give the viewer a basic platform to encourage and draw out their own experiences.” His artwork is shaped and greatly influenced by his extensive and diverse experiences in athletics including gymnastics and most recently figure skating and massage therapy, translating into his handling of movement and anatomy.

Wassom was traditionally trained in painting at Utah State University, as well as an apprenticeship with well known artist, Woody Shepherd. He has previously exhibited work in Washington DC and Baltimore, relocating to Phoenix where he has participated in both solo and group exhibitions most recently at {9} The Gallery, Wee Gallery and Touchstone Gallery. This is Wassom’s debut exhibition at the monOrchid and it marks his first large scale solo gallery exhibition in Arizona. Also his work has been featured in several publications including Artist’s Magazine, Spaces, East Valley Tribune and AZCulture.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


September 2015

Shade Projects is proud to present Art In Motion from Gennaro Garcia in Shade Gallery, marking his debut at the monOrchid. Garcia is a talented seasoned artist, advocate, and chef who has brought together all of his passions in this incredible multi-media exhibition. Art In Motion showcases a diverse body of work that explores various mediums including painting, woodwork, prints, ceramics, and wearables! His artwork is stunning with familiar subjects and imagery that Garcia says, "Are greatly influenced by his catholic upbringing along with being inspired by both Mexican and American identities".

His process is something that one just doesn’t see done today “utilizing a combination of Italian techniques from working with oils, acrylics, wood, plaster blended with a vibrant color palette from his childhood growing up in Mexico” says Garcia. “Garcia has created vibrant paintings and sculptures that are peppered with religious references and his heritage that are showcase the artists distinctive style and love of his countries”, says Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse.

He has extensively exhibited his artwork in more than 60 exhibitions in the last 4 years, in addition to currently exhibiting in 12 different galleries around the United States and Mexico. He has been featured in numerous local and national publications most recently in North Valley Magazine, AZ Foothills Magazine, and Phoenix Magazine. Garcia is also the resident artist at Xico Inc.- Latin & Native American Arts Organization.

monOrchid: Exhibitions


March 2016

Shade Projects proudly presents Feminism Today, the highly anticipated group invitational exhibition of prominent female artists working in Arizona on display in Shade Gallery at the monOrchid. This exhibition examines the many roles we as women play including artist, mother, wife, friend, etc. and how these topics reflect within their work. Feminism is generally defined as the advocating for or supporting the rights and equality of women.For the first time, Shade Projects is showcasing an all female group exhibition offering each artist the opportunity to bring her own views, experiences and insight to what Feminism Today means to them.

Shade Projects Curator, Nicole Royse, says “Visitors will be able to explore generational viewpoints of Feminism through engaging imagery, diverse styles and mediums.” Feminism Today brings together a diverse and vibrant group that includes Kristin Bauer,Christine Cassano, Cherie Buck Hutchinson, Mimi Jardine, Melissa Martinez, Monica Aissa Martinez, Constance McBride, Lara Plecas, Irma Sanchez, Mary Shindell, Beth Ames Swartz, Marilyn Szabo and Denise Yaghmourian. These talented artists have exhibited their artwork throughout the country, are collected around the world and have been featured in numerous publications. Royse goes on to say, “I have selected a diverse collection of artwork from these women who have helped to shape the art scene here in the valley.”

monOrchid: Exhibitions


March 2014

The monOrchid and Shade Projects is proud to present Douglas Miles and Apache Skateboards: A Retrospective. Douglas Miles is a Native American contemporary artist that lives and works on the San Carlos Apache-Akimel O’odham reservation. Many may recognize Douglas as the founder of Apache skateboards and the Apache Skate Team; he is a versatile artist working in a variety of media: painting, printmaking, photography, and street art. The exhibition aims to examine the work and progress that Miles has achieved over his 25 years of creating, exhibiting, celebrating his heritage, and reflecting on the realities of life on the reservation.

Inspired by his family and community, Miles blends together areas of his heritage, pop-culture, and fine art. Through his artwork, Apache skateboards, and “What Tribe Project,” Miles is able to give the viewer a better understanding of what it means to be a Native American artist. Miles is bringing attention to contemporary Native American art, which is not always embraced by traditional institutions while also questioning what fine art is in today’s market. The monOrchid’s Assistant Curator Nicole Royse is excited to bring this exhibition to the monOrchid and the community stating, “Douglas Miles is an inspiring individual, creating artwork that is both contemporary and meaningful. He uses his art to give a voice and to bring awareness to his community while focusing on empowering the youth through the arts and skate boarding.”

monOrchid: Exhibitions
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